Key Algorithmic Trader (Independent Strategy Team)

Remote, fix + % of the company's financial result
SPVCapital is a prop-algotrading company with the aim of market-making and arbitraging the most competitive trading pairs and futures contracts in all of the top 10 (by trading volume) digital asset exchanges.

We have a self-developed trading engine, low-latency infrastructure, an in-house trader's desk and a 24/7 support team to sustainably develop our business in any crypto-market conditions.

Cryptocurrency interests us exclusively as a financial instrument. The main priorities in this market are intelligence and speed. Quantitative researchers are responsible for our intelligence, and software engineers are responsible for speed and reliability. Mathematical programmers look for market inefficiencies and implement bots for trading using platform resources, while the support service keeps abreast.
game theory, algorithmics, Knuth, microstructures, DOM, heuristic algorithms, heuristic analysis, computational methods
We are looking for a key algorithmic trader with a positive track record and trade history to join our independent strategy development team.

  • You are a strong algorithmist who digs in breadth and looks not only at the possibility of arbitrage but also at the opportunity to use additional tools on the stock exchange. Your eye is sharpened not only on the algorithm but also on everything related (platform, accounts, funds, channels, discounts, etc.).
  • You understand what quantitative market models, contracts, and arbitrage strategies are, what works/does not work, and you know exchanges and their nuances, problems and subtleties.
  • You understand the markets, new protocols, and new tools. You constantly find something new and try to apply it in your work. You quickly find solutions "outside", not "inside".
  • You have a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or similar with high academic achievements.
  • You understand the basic principles of OOP and the basic principles of data structures. You are familiar with TradingView and able to process large amounts of data manually or using Python tools. You have excellent Python/Java development skills.
  • Ready to be responsible for the financial result. Morally stable and okay to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

The main thing is the search for ideas, writing and launching strategies in a team.

You will look for opportunities in the market, formulate technical specifications for quantitative researchers and developers, and check the implementation in detail. You will formulate tasks, decompose them and organize people who allow you to collect a coherent picture and implement the strategy. You will backtest and control the implementation of the strategy, its speed and its accuracy.

Conditions: fix + % of the company's financial result.
Feel free to send us a message via e-mail. or drop us a line in Telegram – @mariefilins (Masha, HRD)