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Long-term financial success is always a combination of hard work, moving forward step by step, breaking barriers one by one.

Every grain and spikelet make up a beautiful wheat field.


FinTech, Digital Assets Trading & Blockchain Software Development Services. Our Team provide custom hedge fund software development projects, developing an HFT algo trading platform with the appliance of ML technologies in all the processes.
Intelligence-Driven Team
We are a small, integrated, high-caliber team: technical specialists, ML specialists and traders who have been working with fintech for over 10 years.
Our Focuses
In-house development team independently deliver a quantitative trading platform so that our partners can develop their strategies internally, backtest them in our emulator and run them in the infrastructure we have deployed. SPVCapital offers customers full support from the technical team at every step.
High-end Low-latency Trading Platform
The technical team is constantly work on Application Performance, choosing the right network technologies, the specifics of packaging and data parsing, the data feeds arbitration from exchanges — all this ensures the lowest possible latency between processing environments.
Market Data Mining
We have full market visibility with the ability to receive data at liquidity venues, proximity locations, and strategic data centers worldwide. Data download and storage infrastructure provides low-latency access to needed data feeds and is secured with both data miners and database replication.
Backtesting Platform
Backtests developed by the team with the emulation level as close as possible to the real-world exchanges. Backtests ultimately help to decide whether it is worth live-trading a set of strategy rules. Essentially it allows us to filter out bad strategy rules before we allocate any real capital.
Machine Learning Technologies
We use ML technologies to find effective strategies, as well as auxiliary tools in trading.
Intelligent Trading
We develop ML-based strategy that using market data and various types of private data sources predict assests prices behavior and list opens or closes the relevant transactions.

In this strategy important parameters for us are a large number of transactions, controlled risk and capital intensity.
Volatility Forecasting
Volatility forecasting has important implications for all investors focused on risk-adjusted returns, especially those that employ asset allocation, risk parity, and volatility targeting strategies.
Smart Selector
AI-based Expert Advisor that helps you choose the most profitable market to open an arbitrage trade. In arbitrage strategies, it is important when there is a large inter-exchange spread which of the two platforms to start trading on first. This "first leg selector" helps to increase arbitrage profitability.
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